3Gonium is the universal platform for the digitization and management of 3D urban and landscape models. From building design and management of large virtual terrain and simulation databases to urban planning and 3D visualization on the web and mobile devices, 3Gonium provides the most innovative software components 3gonium.

AR-GUS is the new, integrative platform for the free design, goal-oriented assessment and review of a company's operational processes, facilities and standards. The objective of AR-GUS - to reliably monitor the work and safety processes within an organization, derive individual corrective actions and thereby significantly reduce existing risks for all participants AR-GUS.

E-OS controls drones specifically for autonomous monitoring of areas, structures, security facilities or other infrastructure. Control center software coordinates the flight of one or multiple drones, receives the RGB and thermal videos, analyzes the image data using AI methods, and stores the video data E-OS.

path4X is the ideal off-road driver assistance system for navigation off paved roads. Based on parameters about the vehicle, terrain, soil, vegetation as well as artificial and natural obstacles, path4X predicts critical driving conditions in real time and determines passable routes. By storing all information on the mobile device, path4X can be used completely offline path4X.